Top 5 Gifts for 2018!


Every Holiday season there seems to be the newest or hottest trend or product that everyone has to have.  Below is a list of the Top 5 product categories for 2018!

Christmas Treats

While opening gadgets and other fun toys is the essence of Christmas, the other big item is the delicious cookies and candy that is available.  The cookie/cake delivery business has exploded in recent years as many people send their well wishes usually with a basket of treats, making this one of the most popular gifts provided.

Gift Cards

Some people look at gift cards as the easy way out of doing some hard thinking about what someone would like however in many cases this is the ideal gift.  This is especially true when it comes to clothes! Most people are very particular about what they wear and would prefer to just pick it out themselves.  A good idea would be getting a card that can be used at multiple locations so the person has some options where they can use that card.

Portable Speakers

Having music play throughout your home or apartment used to be something that was an extravagant expense that required significant set-up of speakers being installed inside your home.  That is not the case anymore.  With devices like Sonos, Alexa, Google Home and a host of major companies coming out, it has become more affordable than ever to have access to millions of songs that would play throughout your house at the push of a button!

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Let’s face it, when it comes housekeeping, very few of us want to spend any of our valuable vacation time cleaning and vacuuming. Luckily, we know have miniature robots that can do it for us! These little vacuum cleaners do everything from a basic sweep of the floor to pick-up dust and crumbs to wet vacs that will actually give your floor a more in-depth cleaning.  With some many choices, it won’t be hard to find a little help around the house!

Fitness Trackers

Everybody wants to get in shape, especially come Jan 1.  The best way to get started is the use of a fitness tracker.  Now, depending on how much data you want to get, you can buy ones that track basic stuff like steps taken and stairs climbed to more sophisticated trackers that provide data on your heart rate and monitor your sleep, giving you a fuller picture of your overall health.  The price point also will vary, from $40/$50 to upwards of $500 for more sophisticated smart watches.