The Most 30 Insane Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

30 Most Insane Questions to Your Best Friend.

Most Insane Questions to Your Best Friend.
Best questions ask your best friend

Have you really thought about how well you know your best friend?

The Most 30 Insane Questions to Ask Your Best Friend.

You probably think you know everything about him or her, and that there is nothing that asks you about your tastes or your life that you can not answer.

However, you may run into some surprises if you dare to ask the

The Most 30 Insane Questions to Your Best Friend.

we have prepared especially for you in this article.

Some are designed to get silly and funny answers, but others will really encourage deeper knowledge between them and unite them more.

No doubt they will discover completely unsuspected aspects of the other person, things that they could never have imagined!

Important questions ask your friend

Get two large cups of coffee, or two glasses of good wine to start making these fun and entertaining questions:

1.- What was the name of the first person you fell in love with? Why did you like it?

If your best friend and you are lifelong friends, maybe the answer is already known, but you may be surprised to hear it.

2.- Is there anything I could do to make your life easier?

It never hurts to take advantage of this trivia game to find out how we can make the other person’s life better.

3.- Is there anything that you feel you should have apologized for and yet you never did?

Maybe your best friend always wanted to apologize to you for something and you had never given him the opportunity.

4.- If you had to change me for a best friend who was a famous person, who would it be?

This way you find out if it would end up being replaced by Brad Pitt, Superman, or Bill Gates.

5.- How old were your parents when you were born?

It really does not have much relevance, but it is always an interesting fact to listen to.

6.- When was the last time you cried?
If you really are best friends, you probably already have the answer to this question.

7.- What is the most important memory you have and why?

Prepare to hear a moving story.

8.- What is the most important non-material possession you have and why?

Let’s face it, it’s likely that for both the answer is friendship.

9.- If you were a cake, what kind of cake would you be?

With this question, you can spend hours arguing about whether they are a cheesecake or a carrot cake.

10.- Is there something you would like to do but that you have not done because of feeling ashamed or ashamed?

We all have a dream that seems wrong, maybe your best friend has always fantasized about being a tap dancer.

11.- Would you adopt a child at any time?

Believe it or not, people have radically divergent views on the issue of adoption.

12.- Has something or someone ever saved your life?

Let your friend tell you this story in which he saved her by a hair.

13.- If you are having a really bad day, what is the best I can do to make you feel good?

Maybe it’s about arriving with a liter of ice cream and many handkerchiefs, or maybe it means being an accomplice for a crazy night out, anyway, you’ll know how to comfort your friend in difficult times.

14.- What food is it, what under any circumstances would you eat?

This way you will avoid the embarrassment of serving Brussels sprouts by accident to your friend, who is allergic to them or who simply can not see them without his stomach turning over.

15.- What is your favorite plant?

Another question that really is not that relevant, unless you can use the answer to give her just that kind of plant on her birthday.

16.- If you could buy one thing, anything you wanted, but only one, what would you buy and why?

Some people would buy a mansion, others would buy a complete diving equipment, this question has many possible answers.

17.- Have you ever won something? when? What was it?

Not everyone is lucky to have ever won something in life, but when we have, we usually have a fun and interesting anecdote to tell.

18.- How many bones have you broken?

With this question, you give an idea of? how prone your best friend is to accidents.

19.- Are you proud of what you are doing right now with your life? why?

This question can lead to a quite deep and long analysis of their lives.

20.- What is under your bed?

Of course, besides dust and dirty socks.

21.- Do you know how to play dominoes? Would you be a good couple if we play against another team?

So you know in advance what you’re up against if you ever decide to be a match with your best friend in dominoes.

22.- What is the song that seems to you the sweetest?

You should try to sing it together.

23.- What is the song that seems saddest to you?

This way you can avoid it when your friend already feels sad.

24.- Do you have any physical defect that is not obvious?

Did you know that some people have six toes on their feet? Maybe your best friend is one of them.

25.- What have you stored in the refrigerator for a longer time, even after it expired?

Some people turn a yogurt can into a self-sustaining ecosystem.

26.- Do you consider that ghosts or extraterrestrials can be real?

With this question, surely they will have a good time of entertainment and maybe some chills.

27.- What place on earth do you think is the most beautiful and why?

They could try to go to that place sometime.

28.- What is it that causes you the most envy and why?

Some people envy the money, others envy the way their mothers cook (a little weird right?).

29.- If you had to choose what you are most passionate about in life, what would you choose and why?

Surely you already know what is the passion of the other, but it never hurts to talk a little about it.

30.- If you had the opportunity to run for president, would you do it?

And most important, would they vote for each other?

Most Insane Questions to Your Best Friend.
Best questions ask your best friend

Bonus questions:-

The Most 8 important Questions ask your friend Only For You

1.- What has been the greatest shame you have ever experienced in your life?

Prepare to laugh a good time with this question.

2.- Do you know how to jump the rope or play with a hula hoop, or do car laps?

It is likely that this question will take you straight to the garden to try it.

3.- If you had to change your name, what new name would you choose?

Maybe you never would have imagined that your best friend identified with that name.

4.- What is the dish that you think is the richest?

And, now that you know it, why do not you propose to prepare it together?

5.- With which of your parents do you identify more?

The answer may be the opposite of what you thought.

6.- Is there anything that you regret?

Another deep question to reflect on.

7.- If you could go with me anywhere, where would we go?

Maybe, from that answer, leave the plan for your next vacation

8.- If you could, what would you change about me?

A question not suitable for weak friends.
How did you find these questions? We are anxious for you to tell us how you went on this adventure with your best friend.
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