Best Funny Scary Halloween jokes Today

Halloween jokes

For today, the night of witches other than going out to put fear, it is better to make people laugh, it is less scary. That is why here you can read a list of 25+ funny scary Halloween jokes Today.

It’s Halloween time and children, teenagers and adults have been waiting for this time of year when people dress up trying to scare others and have fun.
The Internet is full of jokes, but some of the funniest for this Halloween can be read below, in the 25+ funny scary Halloween jokes on the Internet. Here we leave some jokes related to this holiday.

Laugh with these, funny scary Halloween jokes.

1. Halloween Jokes

How is a witch like and the weekend?

In that, the two are flying.

It was a Grumpy Cat Halloween!
It was a Grumpy Cat Halloween!

2. Halloween Jokes

A vampire arrives with all his mouth overflowing with blood and the other vampire says:
Hey, old tell me Where did you get all that rich blood? The other replied:
Do you see that wall there is?
Well, I do not

October is here
October is here

3. Halloween Jokes

The driver this collective takes me to the cemetery … And if you get ahead.

4. Halloween Jokes

Well, I have a guy who is a doctor. I get free to get sick.
Well, I have a guy who is a priest. It’s free for me to be good.

5. Halloween Jokes

Mom, mom! At school, they call me a witch.
And what have you done, daughter?
I grabbed my broom and left.

6. Halloween Jokes

Peace Love
Peace Love

One asks the other:
What is your name?
The other response:
Vampi what?
Vampi Rito, and you, what’s your name?
Otto what?
Otto Vampiro.

Welcome Great Pumpkin
Welcome Great Pumpkin

7. Halloween Jokes

What does a vampire baby play with?

With red blood cells.

Housekeeper wanted... A Halloween poem
Housekeeper wanted… A Halloween poem

8. Halloween Jokes

One ghost asks another
And you, what were you in the life of men?
Poet. And you?

9.  Halloween Jokes

What makes a vampire driving a tractor?

Sow fear.

10.  Halloween Jokes

How are a witch and a few days of vacation?

The two are flying.

11. Halloween Jokes

Where do vampires keep their money?

In a blood bank!

12.  Halloween Jokes

Here in the forrest
Here in the forest

When you are a mouse?

Be careful when opening the door on the night of the 31st!

13. Halloween Jokes

What do they say to a witch in a desert?

A sandwich! (witch of sand)

Harry Potter Dog Costume for Halloween
Harry Potter Dog Costume for Halloween

14. Halloween Jokes

What musical instrument does the skeleton play?

A trombone!

15. Halloween Jokes

What musical instrument touches the skeleton?

A trombone (bone is bone in English).

16. Halloween Jokes

Why do not skeletons like parties?

Because they have got nobody to go with!

Happy October
Happy October

17. Halloween Jokes

Why skeletons do not like parties?

Because they no longer have the body to go

18. Halloween Jokes

What do you put on your hair?

Scare (scare) spray! (hairspray)

19. Halloween Jokes

What do witches put on their hair?

Scare (scare) spray!

20. Halloween Jokes

What was the witch’s favorite subject at school?


Halloween Pumpkin Speech Therapy
Halloween Pumpkin Speech Therapy

21. Halloween Jokes

What was the favorite subject of the witch in school?

Spelling! Spell out

22. Halloween Jokes

What do vampire doctors say?

Necks (next) please!

23. Halloween Jokes

What do doctors call vampires?

Necks (necks looking like it says next-next) please!

24. Halloween Jokes

What do ghosts serve for dessert?

Ice Scream (scream)!

25. Halloween Jokes

What’s the use of ghosts for dessert?

Ice Scream (scream)