21 Pregnant Women Who Have Had Enough And Just Want Their Damn Baby Out STAT


21 Pregnant Women Who Have Had Enough And Just Want Their Damn Baby Out STAT, you’ll be able to Save Pinterest by Hover On the images Or Share On Sharing Buttons easily.

1. Whoever smelt it, dealt it

2. “This is what remains of my delicious, 100% UNSIPPED sweet tea…”

3. You never deprive a woman of her hot Cheetos puffs with lime – it’s like, the law

4. The ultimate pregnancy dilemma

5. All she wanted was to stuff her face with the most sugary snack she could find…

6. It’s not just your belly that gets bigger!

7. When you’re so helplessly pregnant you can’t even tie your own shoelaces

8. Not the most elegant accessory in the history of fashion

9. You do not make jokes when a woman is going into labor

10. Nooo, not the pickles! Anything but the pickles!

11. Did you know that when you’re pregnant, your entire brain turns to mush?

12. When you’re so pregnant that you can’t fit back into your own car…

13. When you’re so knocked up, you’re bursting at the seams with emotion

14. All she wanted was a bath, goddamn it!

15. Okay, so this woman is literally bursting at the seams

16. Normally pregnant women get first pick of the seats. This lady, however, was so knocked up they wouldn’t let her fly with them…

17. “Note: pregnant woman can get on a hammock, but cannot get off.”

18. “This is the face of a35-weekk pregnant lady who bought a robe in her regular size thinking there would be enough stretch for the belly. I was wrong..”

19. When you’re so pregnant, you start losing brain cells

20. I don’t think this was the best time to be taking selfies

21. When you’re so pregnant that you’re too afraid to sneeze